"My body is changing and its not working or looking like it used to. I want me back!"

"Maiden" by Katie Sarra

"Maiden" by Katie Sarra

My intent is to support you into into the liberation of being in choice with your intimate decisions.

I want to trust myself

When we have been hurt or have opened our bodies in adaption, saying yes when we are really saying no, our bodies close and our hearts often close into loneliness and confusion with needing intimacy but not knowing how to negotiate it without feeling invaded.

I want to know what I want.

I will guide you step by step into your opening again.

I will guide you into over come blocks to you being in pleasure with your body.

I will teach you how to listen to your body to trust your yes and no.

I will teach you everything you didn't get taught in sex education.

Why am I like this?

We can explore the art of seduction rekindling lost desire and exploring and discovering what turns you on.

I will guide you in easy and excruciating birthing of the natural you.

I want kindness and to feel free.


I've just arrived, am I too late?

I will guide you step by step overcoming destroyed confidence. I will teach you the mysteries of arousal.

"relaxed " by Katie Sarra

"relaxed " by Katie Sarra

My intent is to support you back into welcoming yourself being received in your potency.

Do you want to know how to get invited in?

I want to know what to do once I'm there.

Session offer you a bridge back into connection or for some into connection for the first time

Are you wishing you could enjoy the journey for longer?

I will teach you everything you didn't get taught and why you are as you are and how you can be more of who you want to be.

I will support you discovering the keys to your opening.

If you are single and wanting a relationship, we can explore and liberate you from any negative patterns of attraction so you welcome in what might nourishes and fulfill you.

I will guide you into developing new neural pathways with easy to learn and practice methods that support your body staying in pleasure for longer.

I will teach you how to get out of your head and into the bed.

I will support you into embodiment of your pleasure and sexual confidence.

I will guide you in the easy birthing of your potency liberated from comparison.

How do I gain control so I can let go at the same time?

I will be with you every step of the way in liberating you from fear into relaxation and confidence.

You can do this when you are embodied.


We've stopped dancing to the tunes we used to play together.

"Us Two" by Katie Sarra

"Us Two" by Katie Sarra

Are you asking "How can we break out of this?"

I support you both into playing together again so the adults can have some fun!

I want us to make love again.

I support you both to untangle and bridge your two worlds to being you both back into co-empowering each other out of loneliness.

We are lonely with each other but the best of friends.

I support you releasing your relationship from the formulas that once upon a time were exciting and nurturing but now have lost their lustre.

I want to honeymoon again.

I support you discovering each other again and coming out of hiding and discovering yourself in new ways.

I want to be found.

Sometimes we need support from outside the relationship to facilitate our journey back into connection with each other again learning what other tunes we could be playing together. 

I will support you to find your humour and humility again with each other.

I wonder how it would be if we tried some different recipes together?

I want kindness and to feel free.