Mini over night intensives

These mini intensives begin with 4 hours in the afternoon/early evening with over night stay for the necessary sleep integration with 4 hours the following morning followed by a 1 hour zoom integration session as you settle back into your life in the following couple of weeks. in 9 hours so much can happen! Extra zoom sessions can be booked if more integration support is needed.

These are held at various locations in Devon by the sea, Somerset and in the Midlands. You can stay at the same venue that I am staying or book your own accommodation nearby if its not your home town when booking an intensive.

What is an integration session?

When we meet for your integration zoom session, our intention is for supporting you harvesting what you are learning about yourself and for support with what may be arising for you as you experiment with the new ways of being that you are welcoming in to your life.

Getting away to come closer

This is a relaxed way for you both to discover new ways of being together. You may be wanting to expand your repertoire and learn more about touch; enhancing intimacy and sensation with each other. You may be longing to relax from the tensions and habits that most long term relationships experience. This is an opportunity to create new patterns liberating the parts of each of you that are needing self expression.

This is for people who are wishing to break old patterns and habits that no longer serve their relationship but don’t know how. An opportunity to take time away from home and work life without distractions.

You might be avoiding addressing loneliness with your partner in relation to your sexual or intimacy needs and want to find a way back into connection and brave speaking the unspeakable. I support you both to untangle what might be feeling confusing. This is an opportunity to build bridges and walk across them into each others worlds to understand and deepen your compassion with each other.

Finding your kindness and humility with each other is very often the relief and break though we are longing for to laugh again with each other. 

These retreats are designed to support you exploring new ways of rekindling kindness and the soft fires of erotic passion in you. I teach you ways of overcoming whats got in the way. I can support you with the challenges that relationships face so that you both feel held and supported with the themes that emerge.

I am here to to support you overcoming what sometimes feel the lonely challenges people experience.

Solo retreats.

These retreats are useful if you live at a distance and are unable to travel for the necessary regularity to make the changes you are wishing to achieve. An ideal opportunity for you to immerse yourself in relaxation and comfort while you are facilitated into experiencing new ways of being over the course of two to five days. Taking time out of your schedule to completely focus without all the distractions and commitments sometimes is the best option. This offers you spaciousness to be guided, learn and practice new ways of being and whats needed to make the changes you are wanting to make in relation to whats in the way of your sexual expression and confidence in intimacy.