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This is the first performance from Eye of Sound - an exciting new collaboration between visual artist Katie Sarra and flamenco guitarist Adam Westcott.

Entitled ‘World on Fire: Passion, Thunder and Beauty’, the evening promises, “an alchemical reaction between music and oil painting". In the first half of the performance, Adam will be playing flamenco and classical pieces on the guitar; in the second half, Adam and Katie will take the stage together, with Adam playing the guitar and Katie painting canvases in oils.

What arises when both artists perform together is entirely spontaneous and improvised – a wordless conversation or ‘dance’ between two creative mediums.The result is profoundly exhilarating, leaving you with the sense that you too have played a part in the act of creation.

Tickets: £8.00 are available from the Teign Heritage Centre. To book, call: 01626 777041.