Liberation is being in choice with your intimate decisions.

  • From inhibitions and fears into to re wiring the nervous system back into trust.

    From blanket “NO” to choice, integrity, trust and freedom.

    When we have been hurt or have opened our bodies in adaption, saying yes when we are really saying no, our bodies close and our hearts often close into loneliness and confusion with needing intimacy but not knowing how to negotiate it without feeling invaded.
  • I will guide you step by step into your opening again.
  • I will guide you into over come blocks to you being in pleasure with your body.
  • I will teach you how to listen to your body to trust your yes and no.
  • I will teach you everything you didn't get taught in sex education.
  • I will guide you through genital anatomy and how it all works in relation to your heart and head.
  • We can explore the art of seduction and you feeling your power with integrity.
  • We can explore rekindling lost desire and exploring and discovering what turns you on.
  • If you are single and wanting to attract the right person for you, we can explore and liberate you from any negative patterns of attraction so you welcome in what really nourishes and full fills you.

I will be with you every step of the way in liberating you from fear into relaxation and confidence.

I welcome you to get in touch and I will guide you in easy and excruciating birthing of the natural you liberated from comparison.