What I can help you with.

I am here, supporting others to find their way into trusting their spontaneity in intimate decisions.

I bring my capacity to hold with deep compassion and humour the unspeakable parts of us. I support the integration and digestion of experiences that are in our most feared places of expansion. Through this, I help you to find the courage to venture under the masks and layers of who you are not in order to liberate and release the vulnerable true essence of your natural innocence.

I am with you every step of the way on the journey with the internal dialogue that is limiting your expansion, and am able to support these parts of you to feel safe enough for these protection strategies to relax. 

Through this process, you will find yourself expressing parts of you that have been held in limbo. You will discover how to trust your spontaneity in fearless choice, welcoming into your life what nurtures, excites and relaxes you into your naturalness. 



Consensual Touch Training. This is rewiring the nervous system back into trust. This is a step by step journey with you discovering what you want to say yes to in your life and how to say no to what you don't want. Through experiencing and understanding the dynamics of touch you will learn the difference between giving and taking and receiving and allowing will revolutionise your life. The degree to which we can receive pleasure is in correlation to our availability to relax. I teach you how to increase your receptivity with presence from deep relaxation and safety. This involves listening and being listened to and the relief that graitude brings when we've received what feeds and nourishes us.


Overcoming Trauma responses "We've all been touched in ways we didn't ask for or want" - Betty Martin.

When we have been hurt or have opened our bodies in adaption without choice having something happen to us or be done to us, our bodies close and our hearts often close into loneliness and confusion with needing intimacy and relationships but not knowing how to negotiate them without feeling invaded.

I can support you overcoming inhibitions and fears that are embedded in your nervous system and we create the hope and possibilities for you to feel safe enough to relax back into trust. I provide safe and easy steps into managing these sometimes automatic out of control anxiety/panic/dissociative responses using consensual touch and body focusing in small enough experiences that don't take you off line. If you do go off line in a session, I am experienced and trained with holding you safe until it passes and supporting you back gently into reconnecting again. Through this process, you will learn agency and gain confidence in your life.

Remember trust is learnt and earnt and these sessions will support you to regain trust with your decisions and boundaries and learn what you need for protecting what matters.

If you worry or you're convinced that you don't matter and that you might as well hide away and not let anyone near you, you've come to the right place to safely renegotiate this isolation.


Looking Beautiful You will naturally learn as you relax along the way that when you share more of yourself, that becomes more lovable than whats hiding your beauty.

When you are relaxed in your Parasympathetic Nervous system, old comparisons and shame around your body image gradually melt away and you discover the freedom that your naturalness has been waiting for you to appreciate. I will guide you in easy and excruciating birthing of the natural you liberated from comparisons. Remember people in advertisements are air brushed and that beauty is not based in anything more than your heart smiling through your cells. Ask yourself what makes a person beautiful to be with? its certainly not colour of skin, type of body or straight teeth. You won't know this till your sympathetic nervous system has disengaged so don't worry if it sounds far fetched for you now.