I bring my capacity to hold with deep compassion and humour the unspeakable parts of us. I support the integration and digestion of experiences that are in our most feared places of expansion. Through this, I help you to find the courage to venture under the masks and layers of who you are not in order to liberate and release the vulnerable true essence of your natural innocence.

I am with you every step of the way on the journey with the internal dialogue that is limiting your expansion, and am able to support these parts of you to feel safe enough for these protection strategies to relax. 

Through this process, you will find yourself expressing parts of you that have been held in limbo. You will discover how to trust your spontaneity in fearless choice, welcoming into your life what nurtures, excites and relaxes you into your naturalness. 

These are the areas of speciality I offer.

Zoom Body Poem sessions

Zoom body poem sessions are a way of experiencing listening to the communications from your body mind that are your hidden drivers and will have been the initiators for you making contact with me.

This can be useful for deepening intentions with what you are wanting to over come and welcome into your life and can be deeply integrative.

Trusting spontaneity with touching and being touched.

Learning how to trust in your touch and receive touch you want. This is a step by step immersion into the dynamics of touch. Learning the difference between giving and taking and receiving and allowing will revolutionise your life. This is rewiring the nervous system back into trust. The degree to which we can receive pleasure is in correlation to our availability to relax. I teach you how to increase your receptivity to touch with presence from deep relaxation and safety. Whenever we are touched with deep presence and attention, it feels good and opens the body into receiving more.

Overcoming the interruptions of implicit memory.

When we have been hurt or have opened our bodies in adaption, saying yes when we are really saying no, our bodies close and our hearts often close into loneliness and confusion with needing intimacy but not knowing how to negotiate it without feeling invaded. I can support you in overcoming inhibitions and fears in your nervous system back into trust with the neural pathway rewiring using consensual touch and body focusing. You might be wanting to overcome and heal past traumas that inhibit your potential and possibilities being intimate with yourself and with another.
From blanket “NO” to choice, integrity, trust and freedom.

'It's over with before I've felt it”.

This is very common problem and youve come to the right place to support you overcoming this often embarrassing and disappointing experience. I do not just teach pelvic floor control of ejaculation which is just another control route to what is a deeper body motivation. I teach re firing new neural pathways roots between the sex and heart to increase the bodies capacity to feel strong feeling states of pleasure and ecstasy without it blowing a fuse.

There can be many reasons why a persons body takes them out of the feeling before they've experienced enough of the pleasure in the experience. One reason can be that the body hasn't accessed the para-sympathitic nervous system adequately to actually have the capacity to feel. This is common with people living busy lives where there are high demands or stress with achievement goals.  Another common reason is that your body might be used to masturbating quickly in private from a young age and the same neural pathways are established when you want to be close to another and being in witnessed pleasure. Its as simple as firing up new routs to achieve this capacity to overcome the shame inhibitors that many adolescents develop that stop being useful when in a relationship.

Another reason my be fears that have no specific name silently interrupting surrender into pleasure and intimacy. I support you easily uncovering these into increasing your confidence and kindness with yourself so relaxation and intimacy become easy and pleasurable. Another reason can be developmental changes in your life and body which require you to re-discover new connections inside of you from the ones that have stopped working.

I guide you effortlessly with easy step by step guidance that support your body to have an increased capacity for pleasure and feeling.

Erectile Dysfunction.

Manifests in different ways. It may be that developmentally your sexuality now needs new routes to arousal establishing. This is very common for us all as we mature. Many people express that their sex has stopped working like it used to. There may be unconscious inhibitors silently driving you that we can uncover and liberate you from. We can explore if biochemical/hormonal balances are contributing factors and I have in my international team of advisors leading edge teachings available. I will guide you into easy step by step practice to overcoming erectile dysfunction.

Confidence in Intimacy.

Sessions are deeply relaxing and we learn with humour and pleasure, the joys of being confident and present in intimacy. Trust is learnt and earnt and through learning the dynamics of touch, I can be alongside you as you explore new ways of being that overcome shame and shyness. I will teach you everything you didn't get taught in sex education.

Surrogacy and Virgin programs.

This is a triad approach to intimacy that works very effectively with both people entering into potentially aroused states where the neo-cortex part of the brain that makes decisions, literally dis-engages from rational consensual decision making. This makes exploring and experimenting with love-making skills supported and safe with the other therapist choreographing the step by step experiences. The Surrogates I work alongside are trained with me in the Wheel of Consent to support step by step immersion into the bodies authenticity in intimacy rather than imposing goals that can lead to emotional hangovers on both sides. You can be sure when practicing intimacy with this method that the make believe of good sex is not masking the truth felt in the body unlike some other surrogate programs.


Experience your body relaxing to its natural default liberated from stress. Discovering the heights and depths of your bodies capacity for presence and pleasure. Combining leading edge anatomy knowledge, Taoist and Tantric touch and ancient eastern wisdom, you will discover the ecstasy available inside. This is great for learning as a couple or bringing what you’ve learnt into a relationship.

I guide you step by step into the dynamics of pleasure drawing from the wisdom of ancient cultures fused leading edge teachings in western Somatic Sexology. In depth massage techniques are taught alongside genital anatomy and erogenous zones to give you confidence in how and where to touch. So often we leave it all to our partners to guess what we like, or do to us what might have worked with a previous partner. This is an end to failed telepathy!

You are inviting yourself into a journey into the center of now discovering new maps of you and being present in pleasure released from being at the effects of time, emotionality and others.

Imagine your entire body humming with neurotransmitters connected with your unconscious and dream life. Imagine feeling your body deeply relaxed and alive teaching you what your life is all about. Imagine the relief of letting go and surrendering into trusting your flowing and spontaneity.

Everyone relaxes in different ways and I can support you into the route that works for you that you can then apply to your life. We tune in together through warming up exercises which take you on a journey discovering your desires with the letting go the distractions in the way of your relaxation. Feeling your body streaming in waves of permission.

“The experience was extraordinary. To allow someone to make me so very, deeply relaxed, in itself was wonderful, and liberating. To then be invited on a journey to a different world of sexual consciousness, was a gentle delight, culminating in a never before experienced sense of warmth and glow.”— Devon

Body Mapping

Discover the maps of your body integrating the subjective and objective sense of self and identity with understanding. Healing the parts of you that went underground that become silent drivers in your life. This can release buried feeling states repressed and held in the body tissue. The brain also literally objectifies our body parts and we can even trick the brain into thinking something that is not our body is! What we feel in each part of our body is in relation to a bio feedback loop and sometimes we have an inaccurate map of our bodies in our brains which makes it impossible to know where and when to touch. Imagine if you never touched or looked at yourself;- you would not have ANY maps to guide you. This means that you would NOT be in consent in intimacy with yourself or with another. It would be the blind leading the blind! Closing your eyes when engaged in touch is another matter and does actually deepen receptivity to sensation. Most of us have at least a sketch available but that leads to hit and miss intimacy.

Healing Body Image

Getting into your body and out of your head and create your body beautiful. I will teach you how to get out of your head and into the bed of your body from shy to creative expression of your naturalness and confidence. I welcome you to get in touch and I will guide you in easy and excruciating birthing of the natural you liberated from comparison.

You will naturally learn as you relax along the way that when you share more of yourself, that becomes more lovable than whats hiding your beauty.

When you are relaxed in your Parasympathetic Nervous system, old comparisons and shame around your body image gradually melt away and you discover the freedom that your naturalness has been waiting for you to appreciate. I will guide you in easy and excruciating birthing of the natural you liberated from comparisons. Remember people in advertisements are air brushed and that beauty is not based in anything more than your heart smiling through your cells. Ask yourself what makes a person beautiful to be with? its certainly not colour of skin, type of body or straight teeth. You won't know this till your sympathetic nervous system has disengaged so don't worry if it sounds far fetched for you now.

Erogenous zones

Learning the genital types, genital anatomy, anal anatomy and how to deepen arousal and orgasm experiences. You might be wanting to learn about genital anatomy and erogenous zones and to understand the secrets of sexuality expanding your skills in giving and receiving. This is the sex education you didn’t get at school.

Getting your Libido back

We can explore rekindling lost desire and exploring and discovering what turns you on. Transforming from numb, shut down and not interested into feeling again whats right for you. Your sex might be behaving differently to before or you might be experiencing numbness, discomfort or pain and want to feel receptive again. I will teach you the mysteries of arousal.

Coming Together

for couples wanting to break out of the habits that are not working anymore. You might be avoiding addressing loneliness with your partner in relation to your sexual or intimacy needs and want to find a way back into connection. I support you both to untangle what feels confusing. This is an opportunity to build bridges and walk across them into each others worlds to understand and deepen your compassion with each other. Finding your kindness and humility with each other is very often the relief and break though we are longing for to laugh again with each other. Learn how to have a bath together that's the right temperature for everyone.

Solo Pleasure

Discovering what you want first before allowing another to do to you what they have done in the past to someone else! Whatever has worked in the past is not a guarantee! I will create for you an orgasmic yoga practice for you to connect with the source of you. This really does change your life's vibration with everything you do!

Recover me.

This is for you to recover your self after loss, bereavement or separation from your partner. A place to come and heal and rekindle the base of you ready to love again. You might be wanting to learn how to make the first steps again after the loss of a relationship.

Scar Tissue Remediation

Healing the scars of healed over wounds from operations or accidents. We all carry scars, some small, some big, very few of us get away without any injuries in our lifetimes. They are part of our vintage and they can mature us more deeply when we heal the contracted tissue in and around them. It is possible to liberate the contracted, restricted skin and flesh in healed over wounds increasing sensitivity and feelings flowing again. This program is taken most commonly from people with scars from injuries that affecting body image, causing emotional pain or limiting function. eg spinal cord injuries, vulva scaring from childbirth, Penis scaring from circumcision, scaring from prostrate operations, mastectomy scars, Caesarian section scars,  etc. The stories and the trauma can be liberated relieving emotional and physical pain from being stuck in there bringing back naturalness, sensation and feelings.

Gender Reassignment

People having gone through this life changing surgery may need to navigate whole new routes to arousal with the possibility of orgasm limited also by the scar tissue, pain and/or numbness from the trauma of the surgery held in the layers of the skin.

One of my clients who has experienced such intense pain in her newly formed clitoris was advised surgery to cut it. Thank fully this tragedy didn't happen after all her pain of surgery to create it! In just 7 sessions with a daily home practice program, this woman is now experiencing her new routes in arousal which could have forever been denied her. She is now trained as a Certified Sexological bodyworker and specialises in this area facilitating leading edge body mapping which helps the development of new neural pathways alongside using specialist massage to soften and remove the scar tissue. Contact me for referral to her.

I want a Partner

Loving yourself to be loved by another. You might be wanting to welcome in a relationship but need support with confidence how to be a great lover. If you are single and wanting to attract the right person for you, we can explore and liberate you from any negative patterns of attraction so you welcome in what really nourishes and full fills you.

Sexual Expression

Discover your core erotic theme that drives your life. This can reveal your motivations into consciousness and support you understanding the unique combination of ingredients that raise your energies so you can bring them into your life with consciousness instead of them being hidden drivers. Sometimes we are driven by what Jack Morin calls "troublesome turn ons" these are past experiences energised for healing through sexual expression.

Power, Trust and Surrender

Explore your relationship with trust and total surrender. These are sessions where you can experience a deep letting go safely through the art of shibari. I occasionally run workshops in this wonderful way to totally let go.

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