How do I begin?

I welcome you to begin this exploration with booking your free 20 - 30 minute exploration phone conversation or Zoom meeting. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and tell me what you are wanting to overcome, explore and welcome into your life.

If you decide that you feel a yes into trusting to work with me, we create a plan together to fit with your lifestyle commitments, speed with which you are wanting to welcome changes and finances available.

Sessions are usually planned within 4 - 6 month time spans with extentions where needed. The start dates will vary at different times of the year because of my teaching commitments, but where there is likely to be a long gap, I can offer sessions that can begin your journey along with zoom support in-between.

To book your exploration telephone/zoom conversation with me, click here.

What are the length of the sessions and where are they held?

Sessions are either;

  • Overnight 8 hour mini intensives followed by zoom integration sessions and/or

  • 4 hour sessions followed by zoom integration sessions

  • Zoom sessions from any geographical location

These mini intensives begin with 4 hours in the afternoon/early evening with over night stay for the necessary sleep integration with 4 hours the following morning followed by a 1 hour zoom integration session as you settle back into your life in the following couple of weeks. Extra zoom sessions can be booked if more integration support is needed.

When we meet for your integration zoom session, our intention is for supporting you harvesting what you are learning about yourself and for support with what may be arising for you as you experiment with the new ways of being that you are welcoming in to your life.

These are held at various locations in Devon, Somerset and the Midlands. You can stay at the same venue that I am staying or book your own accommodation nearby if its not your home town when booking an intensive.

If you live geographically out of range of coming for an intensive or 4 hour session, it’s possible to create a zoom program if we can find a suitable surrogate in your location to work with you for some of the somatic practices.

If you are in a couple, zoom sessions are easy as you have each other to practice with as I facilitate and hold space for you both.

Zoom Body Poem sessions

Sometimes, before booking an intensive, and in-between intensives and sessions, you might want to explore an hour zoom body poem session to experience listening to the communications from your body mind that are your hidden drivers and will have been the initiators for you making contact with me.

This can be useful for deepening intentions with what you are wanting to over come and welcome into your life and in-beween intensives and 4 hour sessions, body poem zooms can be deeply integrative.

What happens in session time?

At the beginning, we create the content together with structured short and long term plans.

You will be guided into deep relaxation into the areas of exploration you are seeking through body work, massage, meditations, movement and playing.

Throughout the time, you will receive teachings that support your deeper understanding of your experiences from new perspectives and I guide you into deeply relaxing into your body mind discovering the hidden wisdom and resources inside you. You will ultimately meet yourself and through focused touch and attention you will begin the journey back into connection with your naturalness increasing your access with yourself with what you truly want in your life.

Options for finances, lifestyle time commitments and pace.

Your first exploratory 20 - 30 minute chat on Zoom or phone is FREE.

Individual and couple sessions:-

    • Overnight mini intensives for couples and individuals 4 hours with 4 hours next day with a follow up integration zoom session is £1260.

    • 4 hour sessions for individuals with follow up zoom integration sessions can be booked at irregular time intervals depending on availability and are £630. (These 4 hour sessions are for you if you are either not in a place to commit to a program or if you are waiting for my time or for your own availability for a program )

    • Body Poem embodiment Zoom 60 minute calls for individuals are £150.

Programs in Devon

  • Two mini intensives over four months with a zoom session in-between is £590 per month payment plan to spread the costs over 4 months.

  • Three mini intensives over six months with a zoom session in-between costs £550 per month over a 6 month period.

  • Six mini intensives over Twelve months with a zoom session in-between costs £500 per month over a 6 month period.

  • The mini intensive plans above include in between session email support with achievable home practice to support the wiring of the neural networks that we re lighting up in your session time.

  • Three Months of weekly Body Poem embodiment Zoom 60 minute calls for individuals are £500 per month (£100 saving)

Programs in Glastonbury & Leicester add £120 each intensive for the added accommodation requirements

It is your choice when deciding frequency of sessions and home practice for what best meets what you are wishing to overcome and heal in your life in relation to speed of change you are wanting to achieve, time available and finances.

We set up a direct debit agreement so the total payment is completed in full by the end of each program. There is a £100 discount for paying for the total cost of a 4- 12 month program up front at the beginning and a further £100 discount for up front 4 - 12 month programs held in my Dawlish venue.

(This discount does not apply to 4 hour sessions or intensives that are not part of a program).

I have at hand a specialist nutritional therapist’s recommendations for enhancing the development of new neural networks from research that has explored the links between the gut and brain in relation to well being and learning..

Its all possible and easier than you imagine when you have a detailed map that shows you the way.

Embodiment means to feel more. To feel more means you have more of the picture. More of the picture means you are more informed with your decision. The more we are embodied, the better we are at making trusted decisions. In- decision is just that you know you're missing a main ingredient that is needed to know whats best.

Embodiment sessions create the rooted foundations for you to grow from to make your further decisions forward from a place of informed consent.

In fact, working with me will support you to trust in your decisions in every aspect of your life in and out of the bedroom.

The length of time of each session does not necessarily relate to the depth of what we explore, That is dependant on depth of presence that we achieve which takes different lengths of time and approaches depending on whats needed to feel safe enough to let go and relax. This is why intensives work so well because there is plenty of time to accommodate the many nervous system and implicit memory responses that inhibit relaxation and receptivity

You will discover what your unique body and nervous system requires to deeply relax and how much ground you want to explore and re map in each session. Body time feels different to clock time as you will experience!

Will I be expected to take my clothes off?

The biggest thing I teach is supporting you to be comfortable in your choice with anything and everything you do. You will be guided step by step every step of the way into experimenting with new ways of being and revisiting old ways of being that you are wanting liberation from. I am supporting you to be liberated from other peoples expectations and your own into your acceptance with what is natural and comfortable for you. Its possible to have full embodied transformational experiences fully clothed.

Taking some or all of your clothes off is optional if we are doing bodywork like some aspects of healing body image, intimacy training involving the genitals, trauma release bodywork, scar tissue remediation, learning ejaculatory choice, enhancing sensuality, anal or genital massage/healing. I can direct you to touching yourself under a sheet or I can be with you with my eyes closed while you climtitise to this new experience. The route into nakedness is a step by step process and you will never have to do anything that feels overwhelming and you can change your mind anytime.

Am I too old?

Eventually it gets to the point in everybody's life when its now or never and if this is you right now then you have come to the right person! Some people come to me in their 20s and 30s and ask is it too late as well as people in their 70s and 80s.  Its never too late as there is only now but it does come with grief when we acknowledge wasted time living asleep. With that of course is the almighty relief of coming home to your feelings and self which you will do on your death bed anyway so any time before then is a bonus!

I will work with you what ever your age of awakening is. Its great to support people living in their authority and creating the life they want to live at any age. I am delighted when I witness people I've worked with helping themselves to their cake of life with the icing on it and enjoying with gratitude the sweetness!

Do you design home practice that will support my progress and can I have support in-between sessions?

Yes, At the end of each intensive, we have reflection time and home work is set for you to continue with your somatic opening. Repetition creates the new neural pathways to enhance and form the changes in your life you are wishing to make. I set you easy home practice in-between sessions and you have as part of a program support by email.

Why do you recommend mini intensives?

Inhabiting new ways of being involves creating new neural networks becoming stronger than the unwanted out dated ones that you are wanting to change. Its easy to inhabit new ways of being and experience epiphanies in one off sessions but without installation of these experiences, they get lost in short term memory. These mini intensives are designed with integration and installation to support the laying down of new neural networks in long term memory that is useful for the future. The over night part is significantly important as stuff often arises in the first session and can be integrated easily the following morning. Also sleep has a very important integrative function and the session the following day can support wiring the fired up new neural networks from the afternoon before. Changing the way we express ourselves and feel about ourselves can come into conflict with the parts of ourselves monitoring our identity in service of belonging. It can feel like I want to change but Im frightened. Trust is learnt and learnt and it is learnt from sufficient integration of experiences and the monitoring parts noticing that nothing bad is happening. From this place of security and safety with inhabiting new ways of being, integrity with what matters can be liberated from adaptions against our naturalness.

I understand the leap of faith it takes to be committed to growth and braving what might feel overwhelming right now. Its an investment that actually costs less in the long run and you possibly might spend your money on short term fixes, distractions and cover ups like I have done in my life and learnt the hard way!

If you want to change a habit, first we fire up the new neural pathways- then with practice wire them - this is HOPE!

How long will it take for me to experience what I am wanting to experience?

Much can be achieved with a home practice schedule that I will set you. “In session time” with me is only part of the process. I will give you my assessed recommendation from my years of experience with what number of sessions and home practice is realistic for the successful outcome of what you are intending to overcome.

Are you part of a team and do you receive supervision?

I have an international team of leading experts who I meet with and a large pool of resources at hand for outsourcing specialist advice keeping me abreast with the latest understandings and perspectives for input with what ever it takes to help your empowerment and embodiment. I will design with you the best bespoke plan to suit your needs which includes my ongoing professional clinical supervision and training providing you with all the security and confidence in the integrity of your program.

I also have a local and national team of specialist sexological bodyworkers who I can bring into your programs sessions where optimal. For example; I have male and female surrogate practitioners for physical intimacy practice.

Who do you work with?

I work with people of all ages (above 18), genders, cultures, body types, sexual orientations and physical abilities seeking freedom from what limits you in your intimacy and sexual expression. I have wheelchair accessibility. 

This is your opportunity, as Jonathan Kay says, for “Getting out of the audience” and into the play of your real life!

I can successfully help you overcome fears of commitment but if they are too big, the decision making gets tiring.

“in-decision” is the biggest energy drain in our lives