After our free exploration phone conversation or Zoom meeting, if you decide that embodiment is for you, we book a four hour in person session to assess and explore what your'e seeking to change. This will involve experiential exercises and bodywork. If you are wishing to be coached on Zoom we will book a further hour-long Skype/Zoom assessment session.

I welcome you, in confidence, to get in touch with me and we can find a way forward for you.

To book your free exploration telephone/Zoom conversation with me, click here.

Exploring new ways of being to welcome into your life what you are longing for and letting go of old wants.

Creating the foundations of liberation.
Liberation from the strategies that are holding you back from your freedom in this area.

The first stage is designed to support you uncovering and listening to what you want.
This is the beginning of creating dialogue opportunities for bridging where you are lonely or disconnected with your feelings, purpose, wants, needs, desires, demands, passions, lusts and what is tender in you with what you are longing for.

We then engage with bespoke exercises and bodywork created and adapted to you.
These are designed for:-

Throughout the sessions, I will teach class above the class with you why and how what we are doing works.

I share with you teachings along the way to enhance your experience, healing and learning drawing from multiple perspectives. These may include for example anatomy teachings, intimacy dynamics of giving, receiving, taking and allowing, intimacy teachings and the laws of nature in relation to our instinctual drives and routes of arousal. I am throughout each year attending trainings myself and so when ever you meet me, its an experiment as I weave in leading edge understandings of this time.

Session are developed in alignment with what you are experiencing and what you are wanting to overcome and achieve experiencing. These sessions are a deepening of the foundations that your body is trusting and growing from. I have designed specific formulas for each presenting quest that are tried and tested in many different ways for achieving successful results. Each Liberation formula comes alive in unique ways with each person.

The number of 4 hour session blocks will vary depending on which areas you are wanting to overcome and your availability to be receptive to change which I help you with enhancing along the way as a natural part of the process.

Embedding the new pathways depends on how the nervous system responds. Very often, there are different underlying causes needing attention alongside the presenting pattern of expression so its never so simple to say what number of sessions can be predicted. There are differences in all of us with our relationship with intimacy and connections with our sexuality. This will be what we assess together with reviews.

The success of my method

The success of my method depends upon supporting you to develop new neural pathways. In order for this to happen, I will recommend the frequency and number of sessions over a period of time that will effectively support you to make the changes you are wanting to achieve. Liberation programs are individually designed to support your unique route into relaxation and embodiment. Everyone's nervous systems have been trained in different ways out of alignment with whats natural and so supporting you in retraining you back into your integrity will utilise different aspects of my reportoire.  I always find a way as I deeply understand the myriad of ways we humans get trapped in hiding. I am a master of hide and seek as it was a disaster for me to be found as a child but its more of a disaster to stay hidden for the rest of my life.

"Its a joy to be hidden but a disaster never to be found"

-Donald Winnicott "Playing and Reality"

I have journeyed deep into this territory and I will keep you safe as you come out of hiding and back into connection with your tender heart. This is for the brave and I honour your courage. All Liberation plans include in between session support, homework schedule, and the price of professional clinical supervision providing you with all the security and confidence in the integrity of your program.

We review your progress as you move through each stage deepening the new neural pathways and celebrating your achievements. Depending on how intensely you would like to work, you can schedule sessions weekly, fortnightly or monthly. I set you easy home practice in-between sessions and you have as part of a program support by email.