“Thank you for what we achieved in the sessions I had with you. It was absolutely excellent, and has done me the world of good, both in my self-confidence and in my approach to relationships. I feel I have finally broken the ‘attraction of tyrants’ in my personal life.”

“At the end of the session I felt sensual, relaxed, released, relieved, unblocked, lighter and I am taking away with me a new experience and I have learnt that I can do something different”

“Katie thanks to you I now know how to express myself sexually like never before , and living in the now is a great place to be, I also now love my cock instead of being worried about its size or ability I love it for what it is and thanks to you for freeing me from my worries it now performs very well giving and receiving huge amounts of pleasure I have no inhabitions suffer no embarrassment and can lead the life I want instead of conforming , and this is all thanks to you”

“Katie has facilitated my inner person to become my outer person. She has unlocked and liberated my mind and body. ”

“I have found my inner self again and feel totally relaxed and calm. My nerves have gone!”

“Very enlightening! Given me lots of things I can take back to my partner. Its been incredibly relaxing and very beautiful. What I have learnt about myself is that I can relax and let go more than I thought I could. Thank you”

“I feel positive energy internally. I feel more confidence in to improve things at home and not rush and find the natural way without pressure. I feel purer. A really nice experience”

“What I am taking away is opened up possibilities. A little light at the end of the tunnel”

“I trust you with my soul”

“All the sex I have had in recent years has not been connected, I sought out fantasies and deviations to try and find that connection… whats happening here feels like many major steps forward”

“Im taking away thorough relaxation and enjoyment and I have learn Self Control: I CAN DO IT!”

“At the end of the session I felt sensual, relaxed, released, relieved, unblocked, lighter and I am taking away with me a new experience and I have learnt that I can do something different”

“I’m seeing reality from an easier place and its been good to share all that Ive been holding on to releasing into more space inside. I realise that I can have desire”

..”not thinking (or at least not getting caught up in my thoughts and fantasies) for the longest time was really wonderful – a glimpse of what non-dualistic thinking might be like, and it was wonderful: peaceful and serene. But then of course I started trying to remember and commit to memory every thought, feeling and sensation which brought up a few things.
I remember for example you talking about getting to a place where the hatred of self becomes repellent. For me that was quite a revelation – I’d never considered before that that might even be possible. Thank you for your wisdom, for your insight and the beauty of your spirit.”

‘When I started working with you I expected it to be painful and traumatic and was pleasantly surprised that it was so gentle and nurturing despite the depth of the emotional wounds that were being healed’

There aren’t words to describe the deep gratitude I feel towards Katie. Since having sessions with her the relationship I have with my body has changed dramatically. She has introduced me to its deep and profound wisdom. Her down to earth nature made me feel at ease straight away and I find her to be incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive. I generally feel much more peaceful and blissful now and people even comment that I look different. Thank you Katie!

I want to thank you again for holding such a special, safe, nourishing and beautiful space on Sunday. It was such a deep healing for me – one which has not yet settled or translated as you so wonderfully put it! I really felt such a lot of energy shift and it has resulted in an enormous swollen left ankle which despite a little pain feels like real movement and progress somehow. My body communicates so loudly with me sometimes, I am resting and reflecting. Thanks again for creating such a safe safe environment to explore deeply. I am so pleased I am on this journey – thanks for being a gateway Katie.

“You don’t feel vulnerable, Katie made me feel very safe. The experience was very nurturing. I felt proud of what I had done and proud to tell other people. The reaction from other people was very positive and people were very excited with what I had done. You only live life once and I will do it again, this time I will let my hair down and lounge with grapes!”

“I definitely look at myself in a different light now”

“an amazing opportunity to shed the inhibitions and self consciousness and to be able to embrace the whole process of what’s happening in your body with the anticipation of numerous checkups and invasiveness to a very private core.”

“Coming here is like immersing in a bath of permission.”