Scar tissue healing is using massage techniques using organic castor oil developed by pioneer Ellen Heed for healing and softening scars. Sexual pleasure can be limited in many ways from scars. There can be numbness or pain and the scar can also affect the surrounding tissue in the physiological changes in arousal.

Scar tissue healing is essential in reducing the visibility of scars from any injury where scar tissue has formed. It also reduces further collagen building up internally. Scar tissue remediation also supports the body to recover from the physical trauma of surgery or injury and memories held in the body can be released relieving muscle tension in the surrounding areas.

This is for people who have been through

  • reassignment surgery
  • breast surgery
  • circumcision
  • childbirth tears
  • tears in the rectum
  • any healed injury on any part of the body that is more than six weeks old

I am often asked 'will I be naked?' the answer is Yes if we are doing bodywork like some aspects of healing body image, intimacy training involving the genitals, trauma release bodywork, scar tissue remediation, masturbation practice enhancement, learning ejaculatory choice, deepening sexual sensuality bodywork, liberating loss of libido, anal or genital massage or healing. But the route into nakedness is a step by step process designed as part of the liberation programs here.

After Reassignment Surgery

People having gone through this life changing surgery may need to navigate whole new routes to arousal with the possibility of orgasm limited also by the scar tissue, pain and/or numbness from the trauma of the surgery held in the layers of the skin. 

I facilitate body mapping which helps the person in the development of new neural pathways alongside using specialist massage developed by Ellen Heed using organic castor oil to soften and remove the scar tissue.

One of my clients who has experienced such intense pain in her newly formed clitoris was advised surgery to cut it out as the only NHS option available. Thank fully this tragedy didn't happen after all her pain of surgery to create it! In just 7 sessions with a daily home practice program, this woman is now experiencing her new routes in arousal without pain with her new clitoris which could have forever been denied her.  If I hadn't trained in Sexological bodywork, my client would have been lonely in pain with her new genitals and might have resorted to having it cut out. I dearly wish that others in her position never are alone with this tragic outcome from a lifetime of being in hiding and the huge bravery to come out of hiding and undergo such radical surgery.

However you received your scars, there is now hope of you healing them.