People coming together make a third space of creation which is the relationship. It's the children inside us that create all the upsets when needs are not being met and each goes into loneliness with the other.

I support you in your relationship into playing together again so the adults can have some fun!

I support you both to untangle what feels confusing. This is an opportunity to build bridges and walk across them into each others worlds to understand and deepen your compassion with each other. Finding your kindness and humility with each other is very often the relief and break though we are longing for to laugh again with each other.

I support you releasing your relationship from the formulas that once upon a time were exciting and nurturing but now have lost their lustre.

I support you discovering each other again and coming out of hiding.

Sometimes we need support from outside the relationship to facilitate our journey back into connection with each other again learning what other tunes we could be playing together. 

I will support you to find your humour and humility again with each other.