This program is for awakening awareness of your energy whether it is moving upwards in adaptive responses in intimacy and decision making or centered and trusting in the stability of the body mind.

This is an exploration in understanding win win in power negotiations in intimacy and our resilient edge of compassion. Like you don’t push into another’s capacity to receive. These are a series of exercises to bring you back into integrity where you might have been rejected in intimacy from wanting more than the others availability to give and receive. These exercises help you physically feel your compassion not to push another over in negotiations. These step by step exercises support you to understand and CHANGE the loneliness and betrayal of win lose manipulations from both sides of this same coin that you may have experienced in your life (most people have).

  • We can discover our true power rather than our feared or imagined power.
  • To delight in our power and learn to trust ourselves with compassion.
  • To play with power in win win.
  • To deepen trust in ourselves to be trusted.
  • To deepen trust in our choices and decisions.
  • To be seen and to see beyond the masks.
  • To feel our vulnerability and be strong and safe.

This program brings awareness through our body in relation to another of our standing and loyalty in the world.

If our experience of authority and power has hurt us, this can lead to us fearing our power and strength hurting an other. It can lead to us giving our power away to the other and not taking responsibility or trusting in our decision making. It can lead to over adaptive decisions in intimacy in dislocation from authenticity. It can lead to being hurt and done to. It can lead to collapse and giving up. It can lead to feeling helpless. It can lead to lonely disappointment.

Where we have experienced shaming of our naturalness and hidden our hearts, we lose sense of our power or use it without compassion in lonely disappointing manipulation of reality and people. When our hearts are closed from feeling our rage and vulnerability and love, our sexual expression is contracted. We might use our sexuality to try to open our hearts again but without our hearts open we can hurt with our disconnected power as pass on the feelings we are frozen from feeling into the other.

We might be so much in hiding that we cant feel our power or feel it too powerful.

This liberating program opens the opportunity for the potential for win win intimacy, inhabiting our power with compassion. "The more you show me you, the more I can be myself."

  • Welcoming in feeling your power and trusting in your compassion
  • Welcoming in your loyalty with yourself.
  • Learning about win win.
  • Healing the remorse from lonely experiences of win- lose.
  • The lonely place of not trusting them to stay in their power with you.
  • Its no fun when we are not matched and met.
  • Its lonely when the other falls away and gives themselves away.
  • Its lonely when we can’t negotiate because the other has disappeared from our compassionate sight.
  • Its lonely to despise another.
  • Its demoralizing to feel our selves weak.
  • Its lonely when we lose ourselves from being seen with compassion.
  • Its lonely when we give ourselves away.
  • Its lonely when we cant feel our power or feel our power met.
  • Its lonely when we feel we are too strong for the other.
  • Its lonely when we cant trust and try out our strength without pushing the other over.
  • letting the masks fall away and the resilient edge of vulnerability and feeling safe.
  • Feel your trust deepening
  • Feel your trust in your vulnerability
  • feel your safety.
  • Feel your trusting your strength
  • Feel your compassion
  • Feel your gravity not to be pushed over.
  • You will learn how to breath deeply from and into the centre of you.
  • The guts of you.
  • Your bravery.
  • Your loyalty.
  • Your trust.
  • Your compassion.
  • Feel your competitive spirit and feel the joy of win win.
  • Feeling the joy of your strength being met and tested.
  • Liberate from the fears are in the way of you exercising your power.
  • Its natural to feel the fears of humiliation being seen to be failing so we give up rather than step into being seen and accountable.
  • It is our deep responsibility to ourselves and the other to show up in this space in this moment.

It is our responsibility now to be accountable and not give ourselves away.

It is our responsibility now to protect ourselves from being done to again.

letting the masks fall away, allowing and giving ourselves permission to be seen in our vulnerability and in our strength.

Hiding away is not an option.

It may be a joy to be hidden but its a disaster never to be found.

Feel the rage of injustice where we had to hide.

Feel the rage of injustice when we lost our power.

Where we have given it away.

Feel the rage of when we were hurt.

Feel the rage kick in to reignite the heart into opening again from where we were pushed beyond our capacity to feel.

Feel the rage kick in to not leave the space again.

Feel the rage kick in to stand here strong. 

Feel your rage to protect what is true.

Feel your rage protecting your love.

Feel your love protecting you and the other with compassion and tenderness.

Feel your strength to protect you and your partner.

Feel your rage when you were let you down.

When the other disappeared and you couldn’t feel your self.

Feel your helplessness and despair.

Feel your sadness.

Being seen feeling your sadness.

Feel your sadness when you were abandoned,

When you were betrayed, when you were annihilated,

when you were humiliated... which ever applies to you.

Feel the rage that was silenced and not heard.

Feel the despair and disappointment of loneliness winning and losing.

open your voice and voice from the root of you 

your rage

your disappointment

your sadness

your helplessness

being seen in your nakedness

sharing your unspeakable

pushing and being pushed

taking it in turns

your compassion does not let your partner fall over.

you both stay standing with each other.

leaning into each other.

being seen. naked.


See yourself being seen with compassion.

Discover you have nothing to lose

Allowing the masks to fall away.

To be seen naked.

Out of hiding into the open

Allow tears to flow if they emerge from the underground of you.

Your tears are the pearls from your soul.

Experience the liberation of feeling your self being pushed and not being pushed over.

Feel yourself being met with compassion not to let you fall over.

Feel your power.

Your centre of gravity.

Feel your power being met.

Feel your compassion meeting your power with humility.

Feel your joy being met.

Feel your love.

Feel the reality of your power.

Feel your gratitude, your humility, your tenderness, your strength, your compassion,your trusting and your power.