Over the last 7 years, I have developed a successful approach that is now used as part of training sexuality professionals in supporting healing body image.

"Its a joy to be hidden but a disaster never to be found" D W Winnicott.

This is a step by step journey into undressing that eventually feels the most natural place to be. The pain and fear is in the getting there rather than the eventual reality of being naked and witnessed.

Most problems occur when getting undressed when its is done unconsciously, too quickly, without the body's authentic consent in adaption to another's request or expectation. How many times have you taken off your clothes because that's the done thing or what is expected? I have successfully taught many people how to easily be in their integrity and authenticity when uncovering into intimacy.

"We get our insides from the outside first"

Its a guided journey into the body mind that is unique for each person at the beginning but once we have started the journey, we all have one thing in common, that is a body that can be visited as if for the first time ever. The first part of the un dressing experience is out of sight, private and in front of me at the same time which can feel hugely liberating. This is where the experience can end and clothes put on again for sufficient digestion of the experience to be experienced. When you are ready, the next stage is using your hand to give me a guided tour of your body led by your body rather than your mind. I teach you the difference between body and mind led actions. I give you my finest attention and through this experience you and I discover together what you hadn't "seen" before and in this process there is the opportunity to re frame limiting reflections into more enriched ones. Very often we are carrying around in our bodies what someone once said about us that may or may not be true.

Can you heal body image without getting undressed?

Yes, I facilitate groups and individual sessions where people successfully re frame and come away with more enriched versions of themselves. People love what they see we love about ourselves, not necessarily what is thought to be the ideal. What we actually look like and accepting and celebrating that is much more sexy than meeting the criteria of objectified ideals but not loving ourselves. I can show you an easy route into this journey into self love that will change how you live your life in your body.