What relationship and intimacy concerns can you help me with?

‘Choice is the word the cocoon whispers to the butterfly.’

‘Choice is the word the cocoon whispers to the butterfly.’

  • Desiring to explore new sexual expression from feeling lonely and limited and with current patterns.
  • Lonely with your unique sexual expression looking to bridge your desires with others.
  • Shame with your unexpressed desires.
  • Loss of libido, desire, feeling shut down and closed up.
  • Shyness and feelings of inadequacy with your body.
  • Desiring to learn and develop skills and confidence in giving and receiving pleasure. Learning the differences between male and female sexual opening and potency.
  • Singles wanting coaching with preparing to welcome in a new relationship.
  • Wanting to enrich and heal current relationship where intimacy has become lonely.
  • Wanting to prolong pleasure with increased capacity and body knowledge so its not all over too soon.
  • Want to have deeper more expansive orgasms that are nourishing and enriching with heart and soul connection

Katie works with individuals and couples of all genders, orientations and is experienced working with people living with disabilities.

How long is a session?

Sessions begin with a free consultation via telephone. Once we have discovered what you are looking to explore, we then book your first session in Devon which is typically 2 – 4 hours for exploration and transformation of specific concerns. These sessions will transform and change where you are limited and stuck. Typically by the third or fourth session you will be recognising significant changes in your life and up to 8 sessions you will have taken these changes into your imagination and be creating new patterns with success. See testimonials for success rates.

What is the cost?

Sessions are £100 per hour. A typical Three hour session is £300. Concessionary rates can be applied for.

What do sessions involve?

Each session is uniquely tailored to what you are wishing to be liberated from involving body work and dialogue. I welcome you to give me a ring for a free consultation. Call Katie on 07540 571 745

Sexual healing sessions

“Since having sessions with Katie the relationship I have with my body has changed dramatically. She has introduced me to its deep and profound wisdom.  Her down to earth nature made me feel at ease straight away and I find her to be incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive. I generally feel much more peaceful and blissful now and people even comment that I look different.”

“It felt like a combination of really good therapy and the best massage I’ve ever had.”

Katie is playful, generous and compassionate, she takes you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. She invites you to connect with your love for yourself, free yourself from stuck patterns and open up to more love and intimacy.

“The experience was extraordinary. To allow someone to make me so very, deeply relaxed, in itself was wonderful, and liberating. To then be invited on a journey to a different world of sexual consciousness, was a gentle delight, culminating in a never before experienced sense of warmth and glow.”

Katie works with individuals and couples. Sessions generally begin with a consultation and typically last 2-3 hours. In each session Katie works with you to explore specific aspects you want to heal and areas in which you want to grow.

“I don’t think I could be in such a relationship were in not for you and your great wise learning, beauty and care. I owe you so much, I remember our sessions together with great love and sweetness, and I truly think you are a remarkable, brave and very smart woman. I have told my new lover about you and what you did for me and it was lovely to share that with her, very special. I am so much more in my skin now and in my sex too.”

Some of the areas that Katie specializes in include:

  • Journey Into Pleasure: develop your capacity for pleasure and deepen your relationship with your body
  • Yoni / Vajra Healing: release your body’s emotional upsets and expand into more consciousness*
  • Sexual Expression
  • Healing shyness
  • Lessons in pleasuring and how to be a better lover

“I found the session an extremely positive experience. Since the session I have felt lighter, more confident, happier. Your sensitivity and courage and complete focus were all inspiring, and indeed amazing for me to experience. I would very much like to book a course of sessions, as I feel sure now that there will be great benefits to me in pursuing these processes.”

Katie works with all genders and with people living with disabilities, supporting their birth right to be sexual and have relationships.

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Sessions cost £300 for a three-hour session (£200 for two hours). Reduced rates are available where needed.


Fire Tantric Massage Sessions

“Fire burns where it has never burnt before”

When we build the fires of arousal we are expanding with our bodies into new experiences.

Fire Tantra has no formula, when you enter into the warm Temple of the Fire Priestess, you are inviting yourself into an erotic journey into the center of now without maps!

Tantra is all about being present in pleasure released from being at the effects of time, emotionality and others.

Tantric massage is a route into being in the moment where you are comfortable to let go of time and any stresses that are influencing you. You are helped to let go of goals and fully enjoy each moment connecting your sex with your heart without your head taking you prematurely out of pleasure into the future or in inner dialogue.

Fire Tantric massage is a sensual and deeply relaxing beautiful experience. These are two to four hours in length, price £100 per hour. (Concessionary rates available on request.)

Fire woman Katie tunes in with your energies and takes you on a journey discovering your self love, desires, hopes and dreams with the letting go and burning away all the fears in the way of your shining and glowing and living the life you truly desire to live.

This is the sex magic of breathing with your desires and expanding your heart and lungs till they are fountains of pleasure to wash down your body in a river of permission.

“Im taking away thorough relaxation and enjoyment and I have learn Self Control: I CAN DO IT!” Devon
“I’m seeing reality from an easier place and its been good to share all that Ive been holding on to releasing into more space inside. I realise that I can have desire”
..”not thinking (or at least not getting caught up in my thoughts and fantasies) for the longest time was really wonderful – a glimpse of what non-dualistic thinking might be like, and it was wonderful: peaceful and serene. But then of course I started trying to remember and commit to memory every thought, feeling and sensation which brought up a few things.
I remember for example you talking about getting to a place where the hatred of self becomes repellent. For me that was quite a revelation – I’d never considered before that that might even be possible. Thank you for your wisdom, for your insight and the beauty of your spirit.”
‘When I started working with you I expected it to be painful and traumatic and was pleasantly surprised that it was so gentle and nurturing despite the depth of the emotional wounds that were being healed’
Holy Hole Workshop. I want to thank you again for holding such a special, safe, nourishing and beautiful space on Sunday. It was such a deep healing for me – one which has not yet settled or translated as you so wonderfully put it! I really felt such a lot of energy shift and it has resulted in an enormous swollen left ankle which despite a little pain feels like real movement and progress somehow. My body communicates so loudly with me sometimes, I am resting and reflecting.
Testimonials from Women after the experience of being painted
“Katie really made me feel relaxed, safe and attractive. I am ‘elated’ about the finished piece of art. Thank you so very much”.
Testimonials from Men who have been painted
“I definitely look at myself in a different light now”


Liberation into your naturalness and feel the relief of coming out of hiding.

Photography by Grace Gelder www.gracegelder.co.uk


“In the wounds we’ve healed but not yet closed are the seeds of our creations”

Her experience, self study and trainings are in Tantra, Shamanism, Quodoushka, Sexual Shamanism, Fine Art, Art Psychotherapy, Playback Theatre, Neuroscience and NLP. Katie teaches as part of one the countries leading tantra trainings;- Shakti Tantra and this year is sponsoring the UKs first Sexological bodywork training, with Joseph Kramer, which is starting in April 2014. This year she will be in her second year assisting on the UK Quodoushka program for men and women learning the natural laws of sexuality. Other aspects of her work include painting people healing body image, performing as part of Tarte Noire, one of the worlds leading womens playback theatre companies and she occasionally performs her poetry.

She facilitates sessions with men and women seeking freedom from limiting patterns of intimacy and sexual expression. Alongside her full time practice with men, she is also passionate about facilitating women being in their authority and tenderness and facilitates the transformational women’s Shakti Tantra program with Hilly Spenceley. From this, she facilitates the Holy Hole women’s circle workshops for Yoni Talk and Yoni healing.

Through her playful and uniquely personal approach she invites you to share everything you want for yourself in relation to how you feel about your body and what you are longing for in intimacy, relationship and your sexual expression. The journey is then to bring all of that into your orgasmic runway opening the portals of your body mind. This involves releasing all the contracted stuck energies and welcoming into your life your dreams to come true. Katie has developed a highly successful approach with reflections from her clients in gratitude for how their lives have changed after the intensive, no stone left unturned sessions. She facilitates men and women to come deeply into what is true for them to release self deception that keeps us hidden in adaptive relationships. This has been born out of her dedication to her own training and working with clients full time. You can come to Katie with any problem and she will apply her flexible mind with compassion and dedication to rooting out your way forward and releasing you. She has over twenty years of experience and trainings and different problems require different tools… and she will find the right one for you!

Weaving together aspects of Tantra, Shamanism and psychotherapy Katie has created  a unique and powerful hands on healing experience opening you into the portals of your body mind where your intuition and true sexual authority is. Imagine your entire body embedded with neuro transmitters recording your life experiences on a cellular level. All your wounds and all your pleasure in the mind of your body. This work releases old wounds and connects you with all that you are dreaming about and desiring for your life; like in those moments when your driving and day dreaming.

Working with your sexual energies, to heal the wounds that keep us separate and lonely, is the FASTEST way to transform us back into the intimacy, love and connection we desire.

Her practice invites transformation and liberation from stuck patterns in your relationships and sexual expression that you feel are limiting you. Katie holds a safe space where frames of reference that no longer serve you, that held you safe but now trap you, can be lifted so that new ways of being can be explored, experimented and played with. This is a journey for people wanting to live without fears. “If you cant play with it, it has got you!”. This is a journey into your shadows to overcome your inner and outer tyrants and agreements you might have agreed to inside that you’re not worth loving.  She works with liberating people out of limiting stuck patterns into their naturalness and freedom. “Katie is a beam increaser” inviting you to shine your vision and horizons of your life through the confusing dusk of the half seen into lighting up possibilities that were previously “in the dark.” Imagine your car with new head, heart and sex lights!Katie expands the body’s capacity to feel alive. Find out more >>

Body Image
Katie paints all aspects of peoples bodies inviting you to revisit your body with loving eyes for others to love too. This allows you to be bigger than your self-conscious worries so that your beauty in your naturalness can be captured on an oil and canvas painting. Each painting is as much about the process as the finished product. This can be a healing opportunity to explore self-conscious inhibitions, voyeurism and exhibitionism. Find out more >>

Katie explores themes such as healing, bodies, sex, emotions, energy, and love in more depth, entwining words in poetic prose and eloquent rhetoric. Find out more >>

Through energetic exchanges captured on oils and canvas Katie explores themes of exhibitionism and voyeurism integrating public and private identities. Katie invites audience participation to bring her art alive and explore projections of body image, gender differences, and emotional states. She reveals peoples sexuality to themselves to create an experience of self-acceptance, allowing people to be witnessed with compassion. Find out more >>