Katie Sarra is experienced at taking women and men on exquisite journeys of self-discovery, liberation and transformation.  Comfortable with all aspects of sexuality, she invites you to experience your shame-free naturalness, enabling you to expand into with all aspects of your life and relationships.

Katie weaves together her experiences and trainings over the last twenty years, exploring sexuality and our relationships with our bodies. Her private practice draws from teachings and her experience in Tantra, Sexual Shamanism, Shamanism from the Metis Medicine Society twisted hairs school,  Fine Art, Art Psychotherapy, Neuro linguistic programming, Neuro science, Jungian analysis and playback theatre with ongoing explorations with her clients through the creative process of discovery with their sexuality and bodies.

Katie was born in Kano, Nigeria and was raised in Nairobi, Kenya until coming to England at the age of 8.  

I was understanding difference, separation and connection from a very young age. I am now a mother of two children, a boy and a girl and have had the pain and the pleasures of revisiting all the ages of childhood and parenting from new perspectives

Qualifications, Trainings and work experience.

  • 9 years Tantra training and now teaching with Shakti Tantra (2004 -2013)www.shaktitantra.co.uk
  • NLP Diploma 2012
  • NLP Practitioner 2012-3
  • Masters NLP in pipeline.
  • Andrew Barnes Full body Orgasm workshop March 2013
  • Singing into the Truth workshops with Ida Kelarova 2011-13
  • Tantric Practitioner facilitating individual Tantric journeys (2009- 2013)
  • Tantra Teacher facilitating group program for women as part of Shakti Tantra (2009-2013) www.shaktitantra.co.uk
  • Facilitator and organiser for Outsiders in the South West Inner nature day for people with spinal injury (2009) www. outsiders.org.uk )
  • Sex and relationship therapist supporting people living with disabilities to be supported and honoured with their sexuality.(2007-2012)
  • The Path of the sexual shaman training with Kenneth Ray Stubbs (Tuscon, and Spider Rock Arizona) (2010-2012) http://sexualshaman.com/seminars.html
  • Shamanic training. First Gateway. (2009-2010)  www.centreforshamanicarts.co.uk . Currently in Third gateway (2011-13). (Twisted Hairs, Metis Medicine Society, Sweet Medicine path of the Deer Tribe), www.centreforshamanicarts.co.uk
  • Quodoushka Sacred Sexuality Completed levels 1 x 3, 2 & 3. (2007 – 2012)quodoushka.co.uk
  • Assisting on Quodoushka level 1 2013.
  • Red Mist (Women’s ways training with Rose Thunder Eagle 2010)   Woman Ways Leaflet PDF file 
  • 2 weeks residential Recapitulated De armoring Training  (2010)www.bodydeamoring.ch
  • 2 weeks Aura Perception Analysis Training. Passed Level 3 in Phoenix Arizona. (October 2011).  dtmms.wordpress.com/…/ aura -perceptual- analysis -coming-october-2…
  • 6 years training and performing as part of Tarte Noire and Mirror Mirror Playback Theatre companies (2006 -2012) (Playback Theatre South West) www.tartenoire.co.uk
  • Completed NLP Diploma (May 2012). Starting Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training in (June 2012).  www.evolutiontraining.co.uk/

Katie is a member of BASE (British Association of Sexual Educators), IPN (Independant Practitioner Network) and SHADA (Sexual Health and Disability Alliance)

  • Foundation in Art and Design.( 1984) (Leicester Polytechnic.)
  • Ba Hons Fine Art. (Leeds Polytechnic) (1987),
  • Performance Artist performing poetry, painting and fine art performances (2002- 2012) (www.katiesarra.com)
  • Artist painting peoples bodies (2005-2012)(www.katiesarra.com)
  • 4 years Outsider’s Organiser and facilitator of the disability field at Glastonbury. (2007-2011)
  • Erotic Artist of the year 2009-10  (www. erotic – awards .co.uk/ )
  • Performance Artist of the year assisting Roo Star (2011) ( www. erotic – awards.co.uk/ )
  • Artist painting and exhibiting (see www.katiesarra.com and www.deepseapaintings.co.uk) (1980-2012)
  • Art Teacher facilitating Art workshops for children (Privately and in Schools) (1999-2009)
  • Art Teacher facilitating private individual painting lessons for adults (2006-12)
  • Foundation year training in Art Psychotherapy (1989-90)(University of Hertfordshire)
  • Post Grad Diploma in Art Psychotherapy (1990-92) (University of Hertfordshire), (http://www.herts.ac.uk/courses/MA-Art-Therapy.cfm)
  • The Squiggle Foundation  one year training studying the work of Donald Winnicot. (2002) ( www. squiggle – foundation .org/ )
  • 4 years Jungian Analysis (2002-2006) with The Society of Analytical Psychotharapy.  www.thesap.org.uk
    Completed the IGA Introductory year training in Group Analysis (2005) (Institute of Group analysis),  www.groupanalysis.org
  • 3 months facilitating Art Therapy service as part of Substance misuse group program. (1991) (Chertsey NHS)
    1 year working as a Mental Health Nursing Assistant as part of inpatient ward specialising in Obsessive compulsive disorders. (1987-88) (Leicester NHS)
  • 1 year Registered Mental Nurse Training (1987-88). (Leicester NHS),
  • 2 years Editor for BAAT Newsletter. (1994-1996) (British Association of Art Therapists)
  • 1 year working in Occupational Therapy services with Older people coordinating and running therapeutic group programs. (1988-89)(Hackney NHS)
  • 4 years working full time in Occupational Therapy and Art Therapy (In Patient and community adult mental health team. (1989-1993)Hackney Hospital),
  • 2 years facilitating Art Therapy service with Elderly Mentally ill. (1994-96)(Guys Hospital, London)
  • 1 year facilitating in patient Art Therapy service (1993-4) (St Barts Hospital. London)
  • 3 years working full time facilitating Day Centre programme for Adults with Mental health problems and individual Art Therapy (1993- 1996)(Hackney Social Services Community adult mental health day services),