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Shh are dedicated in supporting women of all ages to heal and change what is in the way of receptivity to their sensuality and naturalness in intimacy with their bodies.


We are a team of highly experienced therapists and body workers working closely together in harmony creating a safe container fro women to let go of all that they are needing to let go of in order to make space in their lives for what really nourishes them.


We support women in coming into deeper connection with their bodies and sensual selves which often involves working through recapitulating and healing intimate experiences where they have, in the past and currently, not been in choice or been in disconnection from their authenticity and voice to communicate that.


This woman Loiuse is in the process of coming to terms with and preparing for life changing changes with her body and the inpact that is having, and will have, with her relationship with her body in relation to how she feels about herself as a woman, a wife and mother of two small children. She will be facing her own mortality and gathering close what is precious to her. Our intention is to support her adapting to these changes in this life changing era of her life so she can inhabit her body in new ways that support her letting go of what was so she can embody her new life with deeper receptivity and acceptance.


We have created a pre and post surgery package to facilitate this which includes listening to where she is right now and supporting her healing and integrating her journey with cancer so far. We will be supporting her in this preparation by creating a ground of strength in her self to go through the surgery and emerge afterwards empowered as she renegotiates her identy as a woman.


Pre surgery support involves meeting with Katie for sharing

  • Where she is now with her feelings, hopes and fears she is experiencing,

  • What she has been through,

  • What she is hoping for,

  • Exploring her relationships with her husband, children, friends and family and the impact this is having with her relationships with them.

  • What support does she feel she needs right now, during and post surgery.

  • Coming up together with a plan that supports what she needs.


Sessions can include with Katie

  • Supporting Louise with her feelings about her body image with how she feels about her body now and her historical and current relationship with her breasts in preparation to the surgery to remove them.

  • Step by step structures that support healing body image into kinder acceptance,

  • Supporting Louise through body focusing techniques to learn how to listen to her body and access her body mind and para sympathetic nervous system through simple achievable techniques to support coping with fear.

  • Anatomy and sex and relationship education for supporting deeper understanding of female intimacy needs to support her relationship with her husband.

  • Supporting Loiuse to understand her self and develop confidence in voicing what she desires and needs in intimacy and in her relationships with others.

  • Supporting Loiuse to overcome what is in the way of her receptivity, acceptance, spontaneity and trust.

  • Empowering Loiuse with tools and skills that will support her relaxation through and post surgery.

  • There is an opportunity here for Louise to have a session where she is painted by an artist who specialises in healing body image through being painted to create an artistic time piece that remembers her breasts in their beauty before the surgery and afterwards painted again after surgery to support her celebrating her new body. This can be built into the retreat if it feels inspiring for Loiuse to experience.


Post Surgery


Support with pain management and the impact of the surgery physically and emotionally.

Six weeks after surgery, body work to heal the embodied trauma of the surgery and scar tissue healing program.

Body image healing to support Loiuse inhabiting her new body with deeper acceptance and rerouting neural pathways to support her intimacy needs as she adapts to the changes her body has been through.

Supporting Loiuse with the impact of the surgery and body changes with her relationship with her husband, children, family and friends.

Supporting Loiuse with what she needs for her receptivity and relaxation as she inhabits her body in new ways in her roles as wife and mother and with her relationships with family and friends.

Support Loiuse with identifying and bringing into her life what inspires her and nourishes her for her fulfilment in this one and precious life.


The pre and post retreats will include, alongside sessions with Katie, specialist complimnetary therapy and body work sessions tailored to what will support Loiuse.



1 day workshop to prepare for the opp.


2 hr session with Katie

Healthy smoothie/juice

1 hr EFT with Jemima


2 hr session with Katie

Healthy snack

2 hour body work session with kimaya


30 mins mediation and check in with Katie

Home, or stay over night.


Continue support with Katie and any other therapist after the opp during the 6 weeks while she heals.


2 night retreat at Wasing.


11am arrival

11.30 Healthy snack/juice

1130-1330 Katie

1330-1430 lunch

1430-1530 SE Christine

1530-1600 snack

1600-1730 Katie

1800-2000 Massage Kimaya

2000 Dinner


8am-830am Morning meditation

830-930 Breakfast

930-1130 Katie

1130-1300 Transformational Breathing

1300-1430 Lunch and time for self (walk)

1430-1630 Katie

1630-1700 Healthy snack

1715-1915 Massage kimaya

1930 Dinner


8-830am Morning meditation

830-930 Breakfast

930-1030 EFT Jemima

1030-1130 Check in with Katie

1130-1200 pack up and leave



Post retreat:


1 hour phone call with Katie one week after retreat

2 hour one to one session with Kate after one month and possibly brining her partner in.

EFT with Jemima over Skype

1 hour phone call 8 weeks after retreat


Then carry on as and when needed to support her along the way.


Come to one of the group TB/YIN workshops


I get the impression this will be filmed on and off for the rest of the year.