Dates: 12th–17th September 2016
Location: A beautiful retreat centre in South Devon
Cost: £1,420 for payment by May 31st; £1,700 for payment by 31st August. (Prices include all food, accommodation, classes and one-on-one sessions.)

Growing in Embodiment is a retreat dedicated to enhancing and growing your awareness of your body.  You will learn how to be more in your body and integrate your own eroticism more fully into daily living.

I loved the care and support I received, hugely grateful to all.
— Previous participant

Each retreat participant will have the unique opportunity to work with an on-site Certified Sexological Bodyworker, who will tailor somatic sex education sessions with you to meet your learning objectives. 

Sessions can include:

  • personal coaching and bodywork
  • body awareness exercises and embodied meditations, including erotic meditations
  • learning fresh ways to use breath, movement, touch, vibration and placement of awareness to be in your body, to feel more and to connect more.

The sessions are complemented with group classes and opportunities to receive and relax, including:

  • embodied skills classes, meditations and Orgasmic Yoga practice
  • mud treatments, saunas and walks in nature
  • discussions on themes related to sex and embodiment
  • processes to create a connected and embodied community.
I don’t think anything else I could have done for a relaxation holiday would have left me feeling so deeply relaxed.
— Previous participant

Enjoy the opportunity to rest and recharge, eat delicious food that nourishes the body, and connect with fellow somatic explorers in a beautiful retreat setting. This specialised retreat, limited to a maximum of 18 participants, will enable you to explore and grow in a contained place of learning. People attend to learn more about themselves, gain more confidence, expand their sense of the erotic, become better lovers, develop their capacity for intimacy, or to move through challenges.

The retreat centre is designed for comfort and relaxation. It is fully accessible for people living with disabilities, with details taken care of at every level to provide ease and pleasure for the senses. The chef is famous for his delicious meals made with organic vegetables and salads grown by him. Alongside our secluded teaching rooms and accommodation, there is a hydro-therapy pool, an art gallery and a craft shop with artist studios, which you can visit in your free time.

I have learned so much about myself and have continued to have minor revelations now that my senses and energy source have been awakened. I have learned to listen to my body rather than the ‘board of directors’.
— Previous participant

We provide a range of diet and accommodation options to choose from and will do our best to meet any special requirements you may have in order to make your stay satisfying.

Growing in Embodiment embraces diversity in sex, gender, sexuality, age, body type, ethnicity and ability.


In order to apply for a place on this retreat, please complete the application form below.