Katie teaches essential genital anatomy so that your relaxed when giving and receiving pleasure.

Body mapping is learning the geography of your genitals so that you can discover how your body wants to be touched in all the different places.

So often we leave it all to our partners to guess what we like, or do to us what might have worked with a previous partner. This is an end to failed telepathy!

Katie guides you step by step in easy stages to discover your

  • pleasure zones and know what they are called learning the art genital pleasuring as taught by the Erotic school of touch.

This is for

  • people wishing to increase their skill base in giving and receiving genital pleasure.
  • people wishing to develop, enhance and expand their masturbation experiences
  • people wishing to learn how to control ejaculation and stay in pleasure for as long as you like
  • people wishing to enhance their availability to experiencing orgasms
  • scar tissue healing where the genitals have lost sensation through surgery, childbirth or injury
  • sensation awareness
  • bringing back feeling
  • healing pain through release touch
  • releasing contracted energy in the tendons, muscles and skin tissue
  • developing new neural pathways for creating new routes to orgasm and arousal
  • self acceptance of the core of your identity.

You will be shown the different genital anatomy types and supported in discovering what type you might be. This often explains so much of our experiences. The full teachings of genital anatomy types are learnt in the Quodoshka training. Please see events page foe next UK Quodoushka training.

You will be guided with the latest anatomy teachings.

You will discover the map of you and all the wonders of your body world available to discover more of.

You will learn how to be relaxed and confident as a lover in giving and receiving touch.