I invite you to be witnessed just as you are, painted with loving eyes. My intimate oil paintings celebrate, witness and honor you. You are invited into an experience where you can relax into your naturalness and feel liberated from self conscious worries about your body. Each painting is as much about the process as the finished piece. I create an environment and relationship with you that allows celebration of your body safely, respecting personal boundaries. This can be a healing opportunity to explore emotions of self conscious inhibitions. This is a lovely gift for yourself and many have gifted their loved ones with this unique painting of their body.

I am painting the you that is bigger than self conscious worries about body imperfections. I paint from the heart seeing you. You can be any way you are with me and rediscover feeling comfortable with your body.

Women and men can naturally be as they are in soft light undressed or just revealing part of your body to be painted. For men, concerns around the involuntory expressions of your body can be discussed with ease.

"I’ve recently been on a mission to do things that are out of my comfort zone, to stretch my comfort zone to do something that I wouldn’t do normally. I wanted to feel comfortable to be with my body as it is. I have spent sometime thinking that I should be skinny or slim, but I didn’t do anything about it so I must be comfortable as I am. I wanted a record of this, how I feel about my body and that I am comfortable.”

“Us Two” Being painted as a couple.

As well as painting individuals, Katie works with couples painting and marking in time the union of two people’s life and bodies together on canvas. This is a beautiful experience and the couple choose their music and model in my warm studio with cushions, open fire with candles lit. This makes a lovely gift to give you and your partner as a celebration of your coming together and/or as an anniversary celebration.

“It felt like a very sexy erotic sensuous experience that I could share with my wife. I found the idea of the artist as voyeur very exciting. As a quiet exhibitionist I didn’t need any persuasion. The atmosphere of care , love and absolute safety was beautiful Like it was the most natural loving and unifying thing to do. It took a time for me to relax but I trusted that me and my husband would fall into something naturally. I also asked Katie how did she want us to pose. When we started to chat we forgot  where we were and katie spotted a moment and asked us to hold our hands in the position where our hands were. After that we dropped into a meditative space. I suppose I did expect a little awkwardness at the beginning as my partner and I are not known for spontaneity in this sort of environment, but I went instantly to a place that I can only describe as love.”

How long does it take to be painted?

Paintings to emerge from cup of tea and chat with a blank canvas to completed painting in a three - four hour session.

Can you paint me from a photograph?

I paint you in real time in the now as you are alive and three dimensional. A photograph is capturing you in a split second and I'm not interested in copying a photograph from another time. These painting experiences capture you over the period of time I am with you reflecting the layers, soul and energy of you during the experience.

Do I have to be naked?

No, I paint you in your naturalness naked or dressed in whatever you want to be painted. I can include animals, landscapes, sea scapes, objects, birds and flowers that sing with your soul as part of your poetic portrait.

How much does the experience cost?

The cost of this transformational body image experience starts at £600 in Devon and includes consultation and reflection time afterwards. Portraits of you and your life are painted over a period of time usually in two sessions with the first session you being present and I interview you about your life and what sings with your heart. I then paint you with images and symbols and the other dimesions of you and carry on in your absence before we meet again to reflect together and play with the painting together with you directing edits. Oil on canvas paintings as legacies of your body image or portraits that paint the poetry of you are priced according to size with the price of the experience deducted on purchase.

The beginning of your painting experience.

This is your opportunity to meet with me and relax in the space to talk through the process involved.  It is a chance for us to explore what your dreams are about your painting. To talk through feelings you might have about your body and your reasons for entering into this process of being witnessed in paint on canvas. After this, You then are invited to enter into the painting space which is warm with cushions and candles lit with your favorite music playing. I have dressing gowns for you to put on as you relax into the space and here is where you settle and we explore positions and lighting.

Can I have the experience without buying the painting?

Yes. Many people wish to keep the experience in their memories and hearts and refer to their celebration of their body online if its not possible to hang your nakedness in your home environment. These are held as part of the intimate oil collections with identity confidential. 

Intimate Oil Collections.

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