I am here to give pleasure,
I am here to receive pleasure,
I am here to create pleasure.
She serves her womb and eggs,
She serves her wombs dreams.
Her life line is my life line,
Her red path is my red path.
She plumps and swells and her juices flow to receive his seed to orgasm with creation.
She is the opening for creation,
She births babies beyond her stretched imagination.
She stretches wide in hidden parts of my dream states.
She shows me my essential self,
She is my guide,
It’s her voice I listen to to know.
She bleeds and lets go of what I need to let go of,
She holds into what I cant let go of,
She bleeds into the earth to feed my plants,
She bleeds into water to wash away and cleanse,
She bleeds into white to show me her womb walls released,
She births dreams,
She is the power house of my creations.
She makes my eyes shine,
She makes me laugh howl and smile,
She makes my skin glow,
She is magic,
She makes me feel magic,
She makes me see him magical,
She can make me blush and flush,
She’s my friend.
— Katie Sarra