Smaller chunks are easier to digest and commit to. 

 I understand with you the dilemmas of trying to decide! Its trying!

The more we are embodied, the better we are at making trusted decisions.

This is why I offer one off no strings attached, one hour initial assessment exploration session either by Zoom or in person for you to get a visceral experience of just how life changing this journey into embodiment is. Trust and Hindsight come from embodied experiences. Cost is £80 on Zoom or £120 in person at the Sea School of Embodiment in Dawlish, Devon.

The full menu of your body

Embodiment means to feel more. To feel more means you have more of the picture. More of the picture means you are more informed with your decision.

In- decision is just that you know you're missing a main ingredient that is needed to know whats best.

Embodiment sessions create the rooted foundations for you to grow from to make your further decisions forward from a place of informed consent.

In fact, working with me will support you to trust in your decisions in every aspect of your life in and out of the bedroom.

How much does it cost?

Sessions are £120 per hour in person at the Sea School of Embodiment in Dawlish, Devon or £80 per hour on Zoom. There are some concessionary rated sessions available on a waiting list.

What happens next?

The four week foundation sessions include in the price your bespoke plan, home practice guide and in between session support and are priced collectively not at an hourly rate.

We explore and plan together number, frequency of sessions and home practice for your program that best meets what you are wishing to overcome and heal in your life. The price of professional clinical supervision is included providing you with all the security and confidence in the integrity of your program.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, it is possible to set up a standing order or direct debit agreement to spread the payments so long as the total payment is completed in full by the end of the program.

I hope this helps as you evaluate. I welcome you into taking this first step towards the liberation, potency and potential you are welcoming into your life.

I look forward to meeting with you - Katie












de-cision means to cut away,

in-cision means to cut into .

In-decision means to cut away inside! This represents for me part of the overall 'delay' of life that wakes us up at night and turns into pain.

Pain is the resistance to feeling rather than feelings themselves which when they flow are a relief.

This is your opportunity, as Jonathan Kay says, for “Getting out of the audience” and into the play of your real life! I also recommend him as an amazing teacher if you want to get out of your way!

I can successfully help you overcome fears of commitment but if they are too big, the decision making gets tiring.

“in-decision” is the biggest energy drain in our lives

It's best to decide on in-decision than stay in the limbo of it and accept that its just not the right time for you … and embodiment for you as a soul may not be in this lifetime.


If you only allow yourself to commit to one off experiences and have never seen anything through. It will be a challenge if this is the case as new ways of being require practice.

It is learning how to play your body like a new instrument.

Embodiment is an investment that WILL change your life. I know this from the moments I found myself letting kindness in and felt the deep remorse from all the years I lived in disconnection, tolerating and indecision.

Why do you recommend programs?

It is very possible to have incredible transformations in one sessions but most people need to integrate these experiences and practice them for the changes to be longer lived and embedded in the body matrix.

The majority of people have come to see me over the last 27 years have come for a series of sessions and it is these that have emerged with profound changes in their lives feeling gratitude and relief.

It is for this reason that I am super motivated with people who are committed to their growth and Its an investment that actually costs less in the long run. There is unfortunately no short cut and you will only spend your money on more short term fixes, distractions and cover ups and have to come back in the end to your body anyway. So! "stop beating about the bush" and do it now rather than later when you have more regrets.

If you want to change a habit, first we fire up the new neural pathways.

This is healing and expansive and then we wire them.

Its all possible and easier than you imagine.